Pilot to Passenger Care

Under the category of ‘Pilot’s Guide to Passenger Care’, we delve into a multitude of topics centered around ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and safe journey for all passengers. From special considerations for different passenger needs to maintaining a pleasant flight experience, this category provides valuable insights and guidelines from a pilot’s perspective. An essential resource for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, and curious passengers, it bridges the gap between operational procedures and customer care in the aviation world.

The Vital Role of Cabin Crew Beyond Service: Safety Guardians of the Skies


When we think of cabin crew members, we often picture them serving drinks and snacks with a smile. However, their ...

Bluetooth headphones resting on an airline

A Pilot’s Insight into Using Bluetooth Headphones on a Plane


In this detailed guide, I, as an airline captain and frequent traveler, unravel the nuances of using Bluetooth and wireless devices during your flight. From Bluetooth headphones to keyboards, I delve into airline regulations, times when usage is permitted, and specific considerations to ensure a smooth journey. Learn about the role of flight mode, battery life considerations, Wi-Fi availability on different airlines, and much more. If you've ever wondered about the ins and outs of using your personal devices mid-air, this comprehensive post is for you. Join me in this in-depth exploration, and equip yourself with the knowledge for a more enjoyable, tech-savvy travel experience.

A map, camera, and passport laid out, representing the tools of travel and exploration.

Traveling a Personal Growth


Why Traveling is a Personal Growth: A Pilot’s Perspective Is traveling merely a mode of recreation, or is it a ...

A Woman's Flight Journey: From Expectant Passenger to Joyful Mother

Flying While Pregnant


Demystifying the risks and concerns about flying while pregnant. This article provides a comprehensive guide for expectant mothers on safe air travel, discussing when it's safest to fly and how to ensure self-care while in flight.